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Frequently Asked Questions

So I don't have to repeat myself, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

You can check the external link on the authentic NFT, pointing to the related data on the blockchain. This will show proof that an actual token is on the blockchain. If you closely inspect the data, you will find that the token was minted and transfered to a wallet of my choosing, from the same wallet that minted the first 5000 Days NFT.

The blockchain proves ownership of the NFT token itself, and its association with a specific digital asset. There is no legitimate way to prove that the NFT that I have created does not in fact have the same association and attribution to the digital asset as the original NFT. This is due to the fact that there are no legally binding requirements in the world of NFT, and that the artist/creator is purely selling through an "Honor System" approach. All we have is their word that they will only mint one NFT for that digital asset. They can in fact mint it again as many times as they wish, and they can set whatever price they decide on, and from whatever wallet they chose to do it from. There is no way for anyone to disprove that the NFT token minted by me was not in fact done on behalf of the digital asset artist/creator.

As a developer I needed more than one NFT token that I can work with and experiment. I will be using them to show different ways that NFTs can be stolen, manipulated, hijacked, verified, etc. Eventually each NFT will showcase a unique issue, vulnerability, or exploit of ERC721 NFT tokens. At the current moment, these NFTs are being used as raffle tickets to select a lucky winner for the originally sleepminted NFT.

You can and should buy the non-verified NFTs to become a participant of the giveaway. I will transfer the ownership rights of the authentic piece (marked as created/minted, verified transaction hash, etc.) to a randomly selected participant/holder of one of the ten non-verified NFTs, once all of them are sold.

Each non-verified NFT is a live-clone of the original. This means that any access and metadata that the original has, is passed on to the clone in real-time. So yes, you can view/download the original digital asset if you possess the non-verified NFT. You don't really need to purchase the NFT to gain access to the digital asset file though, you can just view that data on the blockchain for free.

Ironically yes, this is completely legal. All the data inside of the token is publicly shown and shared on the blockchain by the original NFT. We in fact did not steal anything but provided another token that links to the same data on the blockchain. To call this illegal would be like calling Google a thief for showing links to a public website on their search results. Furthermore, an NFT does not carry within itself any kind of licensing or proprietary rights that could be passed on to the owner of the token.

Let me know what you got and I'll think about it.