• As NFTs are becoming more mainstream and gaining global recognition, they’re increasingly becoming targets for thefts, hacking and scams. This trend is not going to die down any time soon, it will keep increasing exponentially.

    The primary reason for this influx of illegal activities is the anonymous nature of blockchain and irreversible transactions. Identifying and prosecuting violators is next to impossible due to the fact that NFTs themselves lack necessary characteristics to warrant legal action. Additionally, the illegitimate transactions cannot be reversed, leaving no perfect way to resolve the theft of items or money.

    I will start compiling a list of all news publications that talk about the rise of these issues and problems in the NFT sector. My hope that these resources will help educate everyone on the risks associated with buying and interacting with NFTs.

    This list is in no way complete, and I’ll be updating it as more articles are discovered. Feel free to share with me any articles that you discover as well.